Future Sounds 13/12/18

Get a selection of new sounds with Martyn Grenfell on Saturdays, 11am - 2pm

The penultimate new musical journey of the year included a sprinkling of festive tunes, naturally.

Music played:

Coach Hop – By Christmas
Adrenaline Animals – This Is England
Ratts – Love At The Community Centre
Cory M. Coons – Would You Stay
The Dizzy Kids – Criminal
Every Kid Knows – Spinning Jenny
The Supernova – When You Smile (It Always Feels Like Christmas)
Freya Alley – Black Hole
Aiden Hatfield – This Is Never Ending
Back Garden Light – The Right Side
OK Huh – Resolution
Rider – You
Dear You – Christmas Never Waits For Me
Daiju – Experience (Album Mini Mix)
Parabola West – Calling Your Name
Moist – Traces
Red Eye – Get Up And Fight
The Hots – Before You
Oriana Curls – Love Me, Hurt Me
Lilac Melt – Hey Stranger
Low – Just Like Christmas
Perpacity – Words Are Faith and Water
Sofia Talvik – Poem at Year End
Sands – Burning Man
Chloe Foy – Asylum