Future Sounds – 09/08/18

Get a selection of new sounds with Martyn Grenfell on Saturdays, 11am - 2pm

Music played:
Dutch Criminal Record – Waiting on the Weekend
CAEZAR – Hold On
Woodfish – Damn Thang
Dominic Champion – All In
Smoke Season – Sweetest Thing
The Vega Bodegas – A Complete History of Witchcraft
LEYYA – Wannabe
Youth Killed It – Headbutt
Saults – Kelly Ride
The Sleeves – Broken Key
Ryan Michaels – My Star Never Got To Rise
ELECTUS – Slip Away
Prey Drive – Pancakes
Verasect – Stitch
CHOZE – Nothing To Lose
Georgia & The Vintage Youth – Glory
Nick de la Hoyde – Mirror, Mirror
Hey Harriett – Too Fast, Too Soon
Kerry Goodhind – The Shallow
Isak Danielson – Always
Old Man Soul Club – Heavens
Kryan – Alone
Dom Clark Trip – If You Never Try
m1nk – The Far Side