Electro Disco – 27/04/18

Electro Disco

Join Jonesy for the Electro Disco show on alternate Friday evenings from 8pm

Another electronic adventure with Jonesy.

Join our synth supremo for everything listed below.

Music Played:

1 Does The Homosapien Know Mother by ABBA vs Pete Shelley
2 Tan Buenos Aires by Expreso Maniqui
3 When Is It Better by Brutalist Architecture In The Sun
4 Situation (Dub Mix) by Yazoo
5 Part 1 (Vince Clarke Rmx) by Robert Goerl
6 Sexy Boy by (Then&Now) Air
7 Transhumanity by (Then&Now) J-B Dunckel
8 Somewhere In The Night by (Then&Now) Stereo
9 Flowers On the Moon by (Then&Now) Stereo in Solo
10 Das Boot by (Then&Now) U96
11 Zukunftsmusik by (Then&Now) U96
12 Best and Marsh by New Order
13 Beloved by VNV Nation
14 A Doorway (Parralox Dub Rmx) by The Human League
15 Ecoutez et Repetez by Spiritual Sky
16 From The Grave by (Instrumental Interlude) IGOR
17 Ensconced by (Instrumental Interlude) Bezier
18 ARP Song by (Instrumental Interlude) Matthias
19 Photographic by Depeche Mode
20 Document 9 (Ext) by Channel East
21 Circuits
22 Souvenir (Moby Rmx) by OMD
23 Walking On Glass / Hart’s Theme by Inhalt