Electro-Disco – 09/02/18

Electro Disco

Join Jonesy for the Electro Disco show on alternate Friday evenings from 8pm

Another selection of electronic sounds with Jonesy.

Expect the usual worldwide selection of beats, breaks and mash-ups.

Music played:

Matt Pop – Mercedes Benz Auf Der Autobahn (Mashup)
Eisfabrik – The Choice
Elegant Machinery – Shut Up And Take My Money
John Foxx – Underpass (Single Version)
Erotik Elk – Consequence of Leaving
Insight – The Same Mistake
U96 – Das Boot
Chinese Detectives – Chinese Detectives
Promenade Cinema – Cassette Conversation
V-Sor,X – Jumping and Jigging and Energised
Cosmic Armchair – Conversation (Club Mix)
Data – Fallout
Endanger – Dawn Again
Italoconnection – Neon Disco
The Human League – All I Ever Wanted
Seadrake – Something Durable
Blancmange – That’s Love That It Is
Paul Humphries – Like Yesterday (Destination’s Historia Remix)
New Order – Tutti Frutti
LorDanMaster – Well Well Well
Eden – Letting You Go
Seize – Craving (Seize The Mushroom Remix)
Mesh – The Fixer
Nostromo Dept – Evolution (Razormaid Remix)