Uckfield Bowls Club

Uckfield’s unfortunate slump in the Mid Sussex League continued, as they were thumped 10-0 at Burgess Hill; a reversal of Uckfield’s 10-0 result against the club in their earlier home fixture, and the following week suffered a home defeat to Hurstpierpoint.

They now lie fifth in Division 1, just one point above bottom club Hurstpierpoint, with two crucial matches remaining. Uckfield’s steady progress in the John Spriggs league suffered a hiccup, with a narrow home defeat against Burgess Hill followed by a heavy defeat away at Hurstpierpoint. Some explanation of the scoring may be useful. In MSL and JSL games, each winning rink (one of three) gains two league points, and the side with the most overall shots gains an additional four points, meaning ten points are at stake.

One point is obtained by each team in a tied rink. In Horam League games, a total of eight league points are at stake, with one point for each winning rink (one of four), and four points for the most overall shots, with half a point for each team in a tied rink. In friendlies, only the overall shots score of each side decides the result.

Mid Sussex League:
Burgess Hill 57 Uckfield 40 (10-0): A Odonner 14 M Woodhams 11, M Mackenzie 24 T Szylka 14, M Christian 19 L Walsom 15.
Uckfield 43 Hurstpierpoint 61 (2-8): A Clews 12 D Green 25, T Szylka 11 J Morley 24, P Daly 20 K Jackson 12.

John Spriggs League:
Uckfield 45 Burgess Hill 47 (4-6): T Butler 18 C Wilkens 13, D Thorogood 18 M Simmonds 15, D Wilson
9 R Jordan 19.
Hurstpierpoint 62 Uckfield 39 (10-0): A Langly 20 T Butler 13, P Burnett 21 D Wilson 12, D Burrows
21 D Thorogood 14.

Horam League:
Uckfield 66 Hailsham 73 (1.5-6.5): D Carr 25 E Jones 21, A Clews 17 J Brand 20, P Daly 11 E Vine 19, D Thorogood 13 D Morris 13.

Burgess Hill 58 Uckfield 83: M Mackenzie 19 M Sanders 18, J Howson 19 T Butler 18, R Jorden 12 R Gorringe 22, M Simmonds 8 L Walsom 25.
West Hoathly 56 Uckfield 83: R Gorringe won 24-9, D Carr lost 12-17, D Wilson won 19-15, B Stanley won 28-15.
Uckfield 57 Burgess Hill 78: L Walsom 17 A Saltor 23, J Morton 12 S Cridland 18, P Tungate 15 L Hawkins 9, M Sanders 13 D Fry 28.