Uckfield Rugby Club Fete

Weather was kind to Uckfield Rugby Club because despite a threatening sky at times, it was perfect weather to watch Wheel Barrow Racing, Piano Smashing, the Stannage International Stunt Riders and to visit the various stalls.

The sight of burly Rugby players lining up for the wheelbarrow push challenge, was definitely one for sore eyes!

But once given the off the three teams weaved through hay bales to the turnaround point and then hurtled back to the start.  Not all the teams made it back as spillages counted as disqualification.

It was all over in a flash and the winners were Charlie Rumary, Dave Guyton and Ewen Thomas.

Next into the arena were the record breaking Stannage International Stunt Riders, made up of Stannage family members and their relatives, Mark, Janine, Aaron Stanage, Connor Brennen, Jordon Paton and Amy Hodgson.

The crowd were impressed by a constant variety of stunts using motor and quad bikes culminating in a massive jump over a van set three van widths from the end of a ramp.

Finally, all eyes turned to the huge crane where standing at the very top was a nervous team member who, after much encouragement from the crowd, threw himself off!

Images © Christine and Mike Skinner