Uckfield Gardeners Club Summer Show

Cooler cloudy weather made an appearance for the Uckfield Gardeners Club Summer Show on Saturday, but despite it being a bit drab outside, it was very colourful in the Luxford Centre with lots of flowers, fruit & veg on display.

The entrants had worked hard to overcome some recent challenging growing conditions where many things had gone into hibernation with the heat and just stopped growing or flowering. The rain that followed ruined many, more than usually fragile, plants flat.

Many regulars were welcomed to the show and some new visitors who trekked up the hill to find us. Joan Turner had an extremely successful day, walking away under a pile of 9 trophies, well done Joan. Her haul included the Banksian Medal awarded by the RHS to the exhibitor who won the most prize money and also the trophy for the highest total points in the show.

Other winners were Julie Eiloart for her photography skills, pretty vase of mixed flowers and creative flair of flower arranging in various receptacles including a teapot and baked bean tin. There was a four way tie for the handicrafts prize between John Gearing, Sonia Harriyott, Annie Lock and Joan, same with the prize for the roses classes between June Wedlake, Margaret Clark, Pam Ambrose & Ian Shaw.

In the children’s section Chloe Ireland was the overall winner with Imogen Shaw winning the trophy for the best handwriting. In the handicrafts and domestic sections, although Joan dominated, there were some extremely good exhibits of upholstery, wood turning, baking, preserving and knitting. A big thank you to all for making the day so successful.