Uckfield Carnival 2018: Children’s fancy dress results

The 191st Uckfield Carnival took place on Saturday, to mark the start of the 2018 bonfire season.

The day started with the children’s fancy dress parade in the September sunshine.

We’ve also got plenty of photos to share from the evening procession.

The results:
Children’s Fancy Dress Results

Class 1: Decorated Vehicle

1st Manor Tree
2nd HMS Mary Poppins
3rd Little Pirate Ship
4th Mermaid

Class 2: Schools & Youth Groups

1st Harlands School
2nd Rocks Park School
3rd Manor CP School
4th Uckfield Theatre Guild Youth

Class 3: Groups of Two or More

1st West Family
2nd Disney
3rd Chimney Sweeps
4th Greatest Showman

Class 4: Boys & Girls – 4 and under

1st Robot
2nd Rapunzel
3rd Woody, Toy Story
4th Pirate

Class 5: Boys & Girls – 5 to 8 years

1st Knight on Horse
2nd Penguin
3rd Monsters inc
4th Fairground Horse

Class 6: Boys & Girls – 9 to 12 years

1st Baker
2nd Jester
3rd Top Hat
4th Jedi

Class 8: Members not in Society Costume

1st Tinkerbell

Class 9: Members in Society Costume

1st Mexican, Tom Holt
2nd Mexican, Chloe Ireland
3rd Mexican – George Holt
4th Mexican, Kathleen Holt

Class 10: Best Dressed from Classes 1 to 8

1st Robot
2nd West Family
3rd Manor Tree
Joint 4th Tinkerbell
Joint 4th Baker

Adults Fancy Dress Results

Class A: Gents Fancy Dress

1st Buxted Deer Hunter
2nd Red Bather
3rd Purple Bather

Class B: Ladies Fancy Dress

1st Purple Patchwork
2nd Phoenix Lady
3rd Tudor Lady

Class C: Groups of Two or More Adults

1st Phoenix Couple
2nd Buxted Bonfire
3rd Jockeys

Class D: Gents of UBCS

1st Indian – Jamie Gates
2nd Mexican – Neil Harper
3rd Paul Holt

Class E: Ladies of UBCS

1st Mexican – Emma Maceachern
2nd Knight – Val Gladman
3rd Mexican – Nikkie Beard

Class F: Decorated Prams and Motor Cycles

No entrants

Class G: Best Tableaux, Trade & Advert

1st Kids Stuff
2nd Pole Fit
3rd Crowborough Cabs

Class H: Best Tableaux, Non-Trade

1st Exrocks
2nd West Family
3rd Uckfield Lions

Class I: Best Youth Organisation Tableaux

1st Uckfield Guides and Rainbows

Class K: Best Dressed Visiting Society

1st Phoenix
2nd Buxted Bonfire Society
3rd Borough Bonfire Society

Class L: Best Dressed Banner Carrier

1st Eastbourne Bonfire Society


Images courtesy of Hill Photographic.