Uckfield businessman to appear on Dragons Den this Sunday

**Updated**  Sunday 4th November – Following transmission of the programme.

Deborah Meaden offered £90,000 but she asked for 15% of the whole company.

Peter Jones also liked the business offered £90, 000 of the whole business for a share of 15% for the whole business.

Touker Suleyman  offered all the money but he only wanted 10% of the main business and 40% of the new invention.

Steven decided to ask Debra and Peter to work together and take 7.5% each which the Dragons agreed as the two investors.



This coming Sunday 4th November, Steven Ransom founder of TrafficAngel and BrighterBikes will appear before the BBC Dragons Den team.

His idea to pitch his business idea for a bicycle indicator system in an attempt to win investment from the business moguls.

Steven from Maresfield and owner of a family business in Uckfield has spent the last 6 years designing the BrighterBike – an all in one wireless indicating brake light system for bicycles that will fit to any helmet, any seat post and any backpack and a controller which fits to any handlebars.

And Steven has just 3 minutes to pitch the idea to these giants in the business world.

A husband and father of three grown-up children, Steve aged 58 began his business career back in 2004 with TrafficAngel – a company supplying camera and sensor systems to the transport industry.

He said “I got the idea as I watched a large truck trying unsuccessfully to reverse through some factory gates without any cameras or sensors. I got out of my car and asked the frustrated driver if he’d like a solution to this issue.

He replied, ‘The guy who solves this problem is going to be a ‘beep beep’ millionaire!’ The driver slammed his door carried on trying to manouevre. I’m still not a millionaire but the idea was born.”

‘Since then, the business has grown into a successful safety equipment supplier and TrafficAngel camera and sensor systems are being used by many large fleets across the UK.

The success of TrafficAngel then allowed Steve to fund the R&D into the patented BrighterBike indicator which meets a real need in the cycle marketplace.

He added “Since the success of cycle team in the 2012 and also 2016 Olympics, there has been a huge increase in cycling popularity here in the UK. More cyclists on the road means more hazardous situations requiring clear and safe signalling from the rider to surrounding traffic.”

Whilst Steve and team consider the BrighterBike a good idea, how will he fare in the Den?

The programme will be broadcast this Sunday 4th November 8pm on BBC2