Traffic calming scheme planned for Lewes Road

Members of Uckfield Town Council discussed plans for traffic calming in connection with the new housing development of 1,000 homes at Ridgewood.

The revised proposals for traffic calming in Lewes Road:

Members supported the proposal to extend the 30mph limit to just north of Little Horsted roundabout and the addition of a gateway feature, but highlighted their concerns with the proposal to introduce speed cushions in Lewes Road.

Members felt that the introduction of speed cushions would be of concern as they understood that central government had set a national policy to have these removed by 2040. There was also concern that the introduction of such traffic calming measures would provide a temporary measure only.

Alternative methods may be more effective such as the introduction of a Speed Camera similar to that used in Halland.

The Town Clerk will report back to East Sussex Highways in response to their consultation.