Town Councillor praises services during snow disruption

The chair of the General Purposes committee of Uckfield Town Council praised the work of essential services during last weeks snow.

Speaking during the meeting Cllr. Diane Ward said:

‘We had a little bit of weather last week which could have bought us all to a halt. I would like to thank East Sussex County Council for the gritters, the carers who walked to care for vulnerable people’

‘The emergency services, the paramedics, the staff who walked to the hospital to provide the cover’

‘And a thank you to Uckfield FM for keeping everyone informed, especially for giving out the school information when East Sussex County Council website crashed.’

Later, Chairman of Uckfield FM, Mike Skinner said:

‘I am very grateful to the council for their kind comment about the station which is for the community. I would like to thank Gary King and every volunteer that made their own tricky journeys to the station to present their shows and in doing so maintain a service that the people of the town have come to rely upon.’