The Natural History of Uckfield by Wendy Tagg

The Robin

Now the clocks gone back and nights are turning cold, it is time to welcome winter visitors. 

Many gardeners will have already noticed robins dogging their footsteps in the hope of finding an easy meal. As winter approaches they are getting more territorial, so you might hear them singing their rather melancholy song.  They use look out points so, if you push some sticks or a garden fork into the ground, they might pose for a photo.

If the weather turns really cold, you might see Redwings from Scandinavia. They look like a thrush, with a patch of chestnut under each wing.  The hawthorn bushes in West Park are a good place to see them.

Red Admiral

On the other hand, if it stays warm, you might see some late butterflies such as Red Admirals. Look out for them basking in hot spots such as a sunlit wall, windowsill or leaves.

All sorts of creatures, such as the little toad that I photographed last week, are trying to find safe places to sit out the winter. Before you strim your garden or light a bonfire, please check for sleeping hedgehogs.

(c) Wendy Tagg