Sussex Police welcomes the announcement on extra police funding

Sussex Police has welcomed the government’s announcement for extra funding to policing. The police funding settlement has lifted the cap on council tax.

As part of a £970m police funding settlement, the Home Office has announced today that Police and Crime Commissioners will be able to raise the police element of council tax – the precept – above the current £12 limit.

Chief Constable Giles York said: “This is very welcome news and will allow Sussex Police to deliver more policing to keep the public safe.

“This would allow me to increase the number of police officers and PCSOs; invest in technology to modernise our policing; and improve public contact making it easier for the public to contact us.

“I am committed to ensuring money raised locally will be spent locally so this funding would significantly increase the numbers of PCSOs, in addition to the planned uplift in police officers, ensuring that we are more visible and accessible within all of our communities.

“As well as strengthening local policing, I would also invest in additional staffing to improve the service people receive when making contact with us. Both this and the technology changes being made in this area will also help improve our 101 performance, and new emerging forms of contact through our website.

“This is also an opportunity to support the further modernisation of our services to meet new and increasingly complex demands such as serious violence, sexual offences and the exploitation of vulnerable people.

“We are already undertaking a major recruitment of 800 Police Officers over the next four years, increasing our total number of officers by 200.

“I am pleased to receive confirmation that the financial pressures identified by the Home Office on the national police pension scheme will be covered by government grant next year, enabling continued full investment in our transformation strategy.”

“There are clear operational imperatives that we need to address by recruiting more officers and we are currently preparing detailed plans of how additional funding would be used in each of these key areas, to help inform and support the decision by the PCC in February 2019.”

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