Speed limit in High Street of 20mph. Sussex Police ‘Speed limits are there for a reason’

The 20mph signs in the town centre of Uckfield have been uncovered after several months of work and ensuring that they are legally placed.

They were put up during the High Street improvement works in 2016 only to be removed earlier this year due the failure to advertise the draft Road Traffic Regulation Order relating to them.

Since that time the process to ensure legality has been completed and over the past few weeks power has been connected to many of them as well.

The area covered by this limit extends out from the High Street into Church Street, Bell Walk, River Way, Bell Lane, Civic Approach, Library Way, Hempstead Road, Puddingcake Lane and Regency Close.

Inspector Mark Boughton, of the East Sussex roads policing unit, said: “ Speed limits are there for a reason – to keep people safe. The faster you are driving, the more likely it is that you or someone you hit will be seriously injured or even killed if you are involved in a collision.

“We will enforce the speed limit in 20mph zones when officers are present and are able to record offences being committed.

“This limit is legally enforceable and if people choose to ignore it they could face prosecution in the same way they could for breaking any speed limit.

“But as with any new speed restriction that has been introduced the emphasis is primarily on education first.

“We always encourage people to report any anti-social driving, including speeding, to Operation Crackdown at: www.operationcrackdown.org