Remembrance Weekend in Maresfield

A Squadron from the Royal Corps of 11th Signals Regiment based in Blandford Forum will be visiting Maresfield on 10/11 November 2018.

The Squadron of officers will assist with jobs around the village on Saturday 10 November (come out and say hello) followed by the Friends of St.Bartholomew’s Church quiz in the evening.

Sunday morning, the squadron will assemble at the Manor House in Maresfield Park for formal photos at 9am. They will leave at 10am to march to St.Bartholomew’s Church for the service starting at 10.30am, heralded by a peal of bells and led by the Army Chaplain, Revd.Paul Neiland and with the Last Post played by Jonathan Hodgson. Wreaths will be laid at the war memorial by dignitaries.

Note: Traffic at the centre of the village will be held back for a moment to allow the Squadron to march through Maresfield Park Arch and come to attention outside the Church before entering for the service.

St.Bartholomew’s have been asked by the Parish Council to be custodian to a 6′ Tommy Silhouette they are presenting to the village. “Tommy” will be positioned overlooking the war memorial and with a “weeping poppy window” behind for the month of November.

History: The Squadron is named after Maresfield in recognition of time spent in the village camp and in Maresfield Park in 1920. Previously Maresfield had been an army training camp since 1915 when Maresfield Park was seized from Prince Munster for the Crown under the Trading with the Enemy Act 1914 on 10 May 1015. It is documented that Ralph Vaughan Williams attended the Maresfield camp in 1917.