Public urged to be “water aware” following TWO River Uck related incidents

East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service would like to remind the public around the dangers of walking near a river when it is dark.

This follows an incident last night where a man was rescued by crews from the River Uck.

At 21.33 crews were sent to the scene and a river search carried out, resulting in the casualty being located on the river bank, where first aid was given.

This is the second incident at the River Uck within a week. The previous incident occurred after a female was reported to have entered the water after her dogs. Water safety equipment was used to reach both the woman and her dogs.

Following the successful rescues from the river Uck, East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service would like to remind everyone of the dangers of being in, or near, water. Water temperatures are dropping rapidly now and, hypothermia is a very real danger to anyone not wearing the appropriate clothing.

Another real issue are the unseen dangers that lay beneath the water’s surface that are not readily visible. With the murky consistency of the Uck you cannot see objects in the water and it is difficult to work out how fast the water is flowing.

We strongly advise to avoid entering the water to rescue your pets and that if you come across a person in danger, in or near a body of water, dial 999 immediately with as much information as to the exact location as possible and please remember the Shout, Reach, Throw principle to assist the person in trouble but keep yourself safe.”

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