Plumbing Success in Uckfield hit by skills gap

Oliver Blunden of Greener Plumbing & Heating

A local plumbing business is celebrating its success and expansion by creating new employment opportunities in Uckfield.

However the plumbing and gas business, that has a team of eight plumbers working full time, reports that it is finding it increasingly difficult to get more qualified plumbers in the area.

Oliver Blunden of Greener Plumbing & Heating said: “The Federation of Master Builders in its quarterly report on the state of the industry, found that demand for skilled plumbers, electricians and plasterers is outstripping supply so its not just an issue in Uckfield! Perhaps students who got their exam results recently and are not sure what to do might consider a career in plumbing and gas!”

The South East Local Enterprise partnership also reported earlier this year that there are significant risks which the industry in this area needs to face in coming years, notably an ageing workforce, potentially significant impacts on the migrant workforce resulting from BREXIT which will be felt in this area, and a continuing ‘draw for workers’ to service major projects in London.

Greener Plumbing & Heating operates a model where all plumbers are fully employed – a model not normally seen in a sector where the majority of plumbers work on a self-employed capacity.