Planning application at Sycamore Court not supported by Town Council

The Plans committee of Uckfield Town Council meet on Monday (6th August) to discuss several planning applications submitted for development in the town.

30 Sycamore Court – Uckfield

A new dwelling plan was submitted to build a new house on land adjacent to 30 Sycamore Court, off Downsview Crescent on the Manor Park Estate.

After discussion the council agreed not to support the application:

It was RESOLVED not to support the application on the following grounds:
a) the Town Council consider this to be infill;
b) the new property is not considered to be affordable housing;
c) the safety aspect regarding access does not appear to have been addressed.

!3 Roman Way – Uckfield

A retrospective planning application was also submitted for Meadow View, 13 Roman Way in Uckfield.

A local resident Mr Page spoke on the application.

The minutes of the meeting reported that Mr Page stated that he neighboured the property and in 2016 the owners of No. 13 came to show him the proposed plans of the extension. These showed a northern side small window, a velux window and a small eastern window to which he had no objections. 18months later building started and when finished it excluded the velux window and the eastern side window and the north side window was installed four times larger than the original plan and fitted without obscure glass. This window overlooks our two bathrooms and gives us no privacy when windows are open. We also have an unpleasant view of them using the WC which is directly in line with the window.
As the glass is not obscured we also loose privacy in our garden, kitchen and conservatory. The window is also not in keeping with others in the area. I feel the window should be non-opening and have obscure glass, preferable I would like to see the window removed completely and an opening window install on the eastern side which would give them and us privacy.
The enforcement officer at Wealden District Council was contacted, hence the application for a material amendment, I feel that this is not a minor amendment and would request the Committee oppose the application.

The committee later resolved not to support the application as this not considered a material amendment but a major change to the original plans. The applicant should be forced to revert to the original plans. There is concern for the privacy of neighbours and oblique glass should have been used for the whole window.

Totland – Selby Gardens – Uckfield

There was an application to demolish the existing property and construct two four bedroom detached houses.

After a discussion it was RESOLVED not to support the application on the following grounds:
a) considered an over-development of the land;
b) out of keeping with neighbouring properties as no two storey properties in the area;
c) Concerns regarding the condition of the private road.