Olive Dragonfly – The adventures of Bex and the twins

Wow, it’s been hot hot hot!  I hope you’ve all been enjoying the heatwave and not finding it too much, we’ve been struggling to sleep (including the kids) so it’s been tiring but we have been making the most of the sunshine. 

I have to say, I’m quite enjoying a bit of refreshing rain this week though but a few cold showers and some great outings have kept us all going this summer.  As always, click on the snippet titles to link to the full articles.

Cuckfield Recreation Ground & paddling pool

We went to Cuckfield with a group of friends who discovered a lovely park with a big paddling pool for the kids to cool off in!  It wasn’t too busy as we went just before the West Sussex schools broke up for summer and the kids all loved it!  A few older kids had some water guns which they were happy to share and there was plenty of splashing, games and fun on the big slide too.

Good things to know – parking space was at a premium so you might need to park on the street and walk, we got lucky with a space in the car park.  There are toilets in the park, thankfully as one of mine declared an urgent need to go as soon as we arrived!  There was a fair bit of shade around the edge of the park thanks to some well placed trees so we had some good shelter from the rays when it came time to have our picnic.

Summer garden fun

Of course, when the weather’s nice there’s plenty of fun to be had in the garden at home too!  We’ve had our paddling pool out so plenty more splashy fun as well as lots of ice lollies to stay cool.  The twins are making good use of their playhouse too, it’s perfect for a bit of shelter and they love to “cook” various treats for us in there – mostly using grass to concoct cakes.

Brighton Pride

This year was my first time at Brighton Pride and I loved it!  The atmosphere was amazing and I was so impressed by the parade, the colours and the dancing, it was such a fun day!

Wilderness Woods

I know I’ve written about Wilderness Woods before but we just love it there so go often!  I should really become a member.  This time I discovered a new cake in their cafe – Norwegian sour cream and apple cake with macadamia nuts – OMG it was delicious, I hope they make it again!

The kids had fun as usual playing in the mud kitchen, on the see-saw, tyre swing, slide and zip-line – they’re happy going on that alone now and had full pulling each other back to the platform.  And the cookies as big as their heads went down well too!

Weald on the Field Festival

Weald on the Field was fantastic again this year, I love that Uckfield now has its own free food festival.  This year I spotted a few new vendors and tried some Burmese food as well as sharing the twins’ delicious stone baked pizzas!  The kids loved playing in the Off The Wall tent with the new soft play blocks and doing some crafts and I (and some other Mums) loved the new silent disco headphones!

Chilled in a Field Festival

This was a new festival for us this year, based at Bentley Wildfowl & Motor Museum, we just went along for the Sunday as we wanted to go to Weald on the Field on the Saturday and Friday was so hot, we spent it at home in the garden.  Sunday was still pretty hot but luckily there was plenty going on in the woods at Bentley as well as in the main open area.  It’s another small local festival designed for families with lots of activities for the kids to do, including an epic paint fight we watched as we ate lunch.

The food options were great too, I had a bacon & brie pancake and everyone else had fish & chips, some iced lattes went down well in the heat too and we loved the ice cream which was flavoured in front of us with real fruit.

Knockhatch Adventure Park

I’ve been to Knockhatch before but only in the winter when the kids were younger and just went to the indoor soft play as most of the rest was closed.  This time, being peak summer season, the whole place was open and there is so much more there than I thought!  We had a great time seeing the birds and animals as well as the rides and various play areas.

I didn’t take many photos as we weren’t there specifically to review it but we’ll definitely be going back again, I didn’t know about the paddling pool there next to a pirate ship playground so we didn’t have swimming stuff.  Nor did I know about the boating lake which was included in the entry price, the kids loved being rowed around the little islands looking for ducks!

Check out more photos and the rest of my mini review on the blog.

Amira’s Kitchen

We’ve had another lovely meal out at Amira’s Kitchen.  I love their flavours and authentic tasting curries and specials.  I also tried one of their new cocktails too – delicious!  Check out our full review on the blog to see what else we ordered…

Bexphoto has a new look!

You may remember I was talking about my exciting plans for Bexphoto last month and was having a new logo designed.  I ended up having a go at creating what I wanted myself with some watercolour paints!  I love that my logo is hand-painted by me with all the colours of the rainbow (and more), I’m thrilled with it and think it represents my brand perfectly – happy, fun and vibrant 🙂

As a special launch offer, I’m giving 10% off any package to the first 25 people to sign up to my mailing list via my website.

Next month:

I’ll be sharing my thought on ALL the new cocktails at Amira’s Kitchen and filling you in on our last days out during the summer holidays before it’s time to head back to school.