Olive Dragonfly – Bex Maini and the twins

It’s been a busy month here, Nik had his final exams and passed!  It’s such a relief it’s over and we’re so happy to have Daddy back on the scene!  He’s so clever passing these tough exams first time while working every day then studying all evening and every weekend, we’ve missed him, it’s been stressful and exhausting for everyone and confusing for the kids but we’ve had a couple of lovely family weekends since.

Picture House Uckfield

Nik’s mum and I took the twins for their first cinema trip at The Picture House in Uckfield to see The Little Mermaid sing-a-long version.  It was initially a success with K dancing in the aisles and Priya snuggling into me but when the popcorn ran out they were a bit restless and Kalyan was not a fan of the noise.  It was quite loud at points and he kept putting his hands over his ears and getting upset.  He’s asked me never to take him back to that place again so maybe another cinema trip will have to wait until they’re a bit older or we buy ear protectors.

Wilderness Woods

The same weekend Nik’s parent’s visited to keep me company and give me a hand, we spent the morning at Wilderness Woods followed by lunch and a nice walk around the woods.  It’s always a hit with the kids there, top of our list if we’re stuck for something to do.

New Bexphoto Office

I’ve taken over the twins’ playroom!  They never really used it as a room, it was more of a glorified toy cupboard so we had a sort out, got rid of some old toys and re-organised their bedroom to fit them all up there.  It’s now my beautiful, colourful office!  I’ve filled it with all of my rainbow coloured bits, my pretty notebooks (displayed in Ikea spice racks), neon rainbow lights, vintage vases and my new bexphoto letters.  I also framed my original watercolour painting I made my new logo out of.  I absolutely love this space, it’s perfect for inspiring me while I edit photos and work on my website.  Check out the Bexphoto blog to see all the details.  Oh, and the twins still have space in there, their own little “office” behind mine with all of their crafty bits, paints and crayons.


The Buxted Inn

The Buxted Inn has new owners so we were keen to try out their Sunday roast again as their new menu looks great!  We had a lovely meal, the roast beef was delicious and portion sizes generous but not OTT.  The kids hoovered down their roast pork and crispy potatoes and we all loved the big Yorkshires.  As always, their ice-creams went down well and Nik had a slightly weird but tasty chocolate pudding with some kind of chewy coating and a yummy marshmallow sauce.  I went for the cheesecake but I have to say, I wouldn’t order that again, it was OK but not at all what I’d expect a cheesecake to be, it had a texture and flavour more like semolina.


Buxted Park

After our lovely roast we went for a walk in Buxted Park which we’ve done before but have never made it far!  This time we actually got to the duck pond and had a lovely time, until the inevitable whinging back up the hill!  We collected acorns and leaves, saw the ducks, played with sticks and watched the cows.  It was a lovely way to spend our afternoon.  See more photos over on the blog.


I took a day off work this week to attend a photography conference in Brighton and meet up with some photo friends.  It was lovely having some social time without the kids to really chat with everyone, discuss ideas and connect.  I also managed to sell a couple of old lenses at the trade show and had a lovely brunch in the lanes and dinner by the beach.  I hung around for sunset (having missed an amazing one on Monday) but didn’t have my tripod with me so I definitely need to get back soon to get a bit more creative with the long exposures – it’s been years since I was out with my tripod taking landscapes with water movement, something I love as the results can be unexpected and beautiful!

Art exhibition in Bridge Cottage, Uckfield

I’m gearing up for an exhibition I’m part of in Bridge Cottage in November.  It’s for new and emerging artists who haven’t exhibited before and I can’t wait!  I’ve been getting some recent work printed to feature my family sessions but will also be selling off some of my old nature and landscape images as I have some old mounted prints left over from my craft fair days in Glasgow so be sure to come along on the first weekend in November if you fancy checking it out and bagging a bargain!  There are lots of other photographers too and at least one artist using a different format.  Here’s the bio I’ve written to display on my table in front of my framed images.


Next month, I’ll be reporting on whatever we get up to on Halloween!  I love Halloween and have written about what I did for the twins’ Halloween themed birthday last year in Uckfield Matters this month too so be sure to pick up a copy!  I’ll be busy planning their birthday this year too, it’s going to be a very scaled down party this year as I took on too much last year (although it was epic if I do say so myself!) so it’ll just be their close friends round for afternoon tea I think.  Although I have bought a rainbow pinata!