Newick Primary School “Greenpower IET Formula Goblin” legendary year

Newick engineering team

Newick Primary School engineering club with their Goblin go-karts. Image © Hill Photographic

Newick Primary School have a very successful engineering club (Goblin go-karts) that runs weekly throughout the year that is run by several dedicated parents who enter their go-carts into multiple races around the south.

A group of parents at Newick Primary School run 2 karts in the Greenpower IET Formula Goblin (ages 9-11) series and have had a legendary year achieving numerous trophies at races around the South East……HMS Excellent Portsmouth, Ford Airfield, Plumpton. Dunton – Ford, and Dunsford , collecting 32 trophies from 6 events.

On Sunday 8 July they competed in the Gathering of Goblins at Dunsfold Park alongside 84 other karts from around the country. Newick School won Best Presented Team, came 3rd in the Drag event, 3rd in the Chicane event, 1st in the Pit Stop Challenge, 3rd in the Lap of Champions, 2nd in the 12+ Lap of Champions and a remarkable 2nd overall in the whole event.

The whole day had been amazing, albeit exceptionally hot, but they were realistic when approaching the Awards Ceremony, up against 84 karts they would have been pleased to have gained a single award so everyone’s expectations were carefully managed to avoid any disappointment … You can only imagine the jubilation that ran through every vein of the immensely hard working and resilient team when they picked up the following trophy haul:

Best Presented Team: Newick, Drag 3rd Place: Newick, Chicane 1st Place: Newick, Pit Stop Challenge 1st Place: Newick, Lap of Champions 3rd Place: Newick ….. Lap of Champions 12+ 2nd Place: Newick and Overall 2nd Place: Newick

The club consists of Year 6 students – Cameron, Jacob, Jakumar, Kieran, Alex, Freddy, Darci, Adam, Angus, Oliver, Imogen, William, Theo, Charlie. and Year 5 students – Emily, Max, Honor, Willow, Bradley, Louis

The Engineering Club leaders are : Ian & Lynsey Allen & Jon and Micky Davis with Assistants: JP Ellis, Loretta Williams, Steph Jameson

Ian & Lynsey Allen: said:

‘In 2013 our eldest son Henry was in year 5 and joined the engineering club following his love of go-karting. It was the same year that David Cooke who ran the club stepped down. Whilst not being engineers Lynsey and I took on the role to run the club finding it rewarding, seeing the kids learn new skills and put what they learnt in to successful race days.

‘5 years on we have seen our second child Luka through the club, had the privilege of working with some bright children and partnering with some enthusiastic parents. Whilst we have not had one of our own children in the team this year as our youngest James is only in year 2 we continue to find it rewarding to give something back to a wonderful school and give the children a great experience and I suspect we will continue to do so for a few more years to come.’

Jon & Micky Davis commented:

‘We got involved in Engineering Club when our eldest son Cameron joined in 2016, he had already spent 3 years karting starting in bambino karts then progressing into cadets, so naturally he was desperate to represent the school. As a Chartered Professional Engineer I was able to develop the engineering side of the club with support from my employer Ricardo; in addition to complementing the school’s STEM programme and opening the student’s minds to the vast career opportunities available to them in the industry (beyond the ‘engineering stereotypes’)’

‘As a Secondary School teacher of 22 years, albeit in English and Drama, Micky was keen to build the media side and develop the portfolios. Micky’s experience also enabled her to structure the sessions to ensure that there was an educational element and it was not just about the racing’

‘Despite not having any children in the club next year, although our daughter in Year 3 is desperate to get behind ‘the wheel’, we will continue to contribute towards building the club in the hope that in some small way we are able to help fill the shortfall of engineers, both boys and girls, entering the Industry’.

Student Cameron (Year 6) said : ‘I’ve learnt so much from Engineering Club and in the two years I’ve been a member I’ve never experienced a dull moment.’

Adam: also (Year 6) commented ‘Before I started Engineering Club I had little knowledge of engineering but I was made to feel very welcome and picked things up really quickly.’

and Willow: (Year 5) said ‘The Gathering of the Goblins was a great event and fun to drive in after watching my older brother, two years ago, and wanting to do it myself.’

They are very proud of their achievements and had their final event at TR Fastenings in Uckfield on Sunday 15th July (although this was not part of the Greenpower series).