Neva’s Three Peak Challenge

Avril Parlour and William Dalton were the guests of Gary King’s Breakfast Show talking about their challenge to raise money for Respite Trust by achieving the Three Peaks Challenge

Neva conquered the Three Peaks!  wrote Sophie from Neva

‘Seven members of our team took on the mighty challenge to reach the UK’s three highest peaks, Ben Nevis in Scotland, Scarfell Pike in England and Mount Snowdon in Wales over three days for our chosen charity, Children’s Respite Trust. We’re very pleased to say, all seven completed the challenge, even with a few injuries along the way!’

“The challenge began on Friday 8th June 2018. The highest mountain, Ben Nevis (1345m) was the first peak to reach. We joined the rest of the participants (who were also taking on the challenge for the Children’s Respite Trust) and met our guides to begin our hike at 8:30am. We had a few stops along the way to rehydrate and take some photos of the fantastic views. We were all glad to reach the quarter way point ‘windy corner’ as it gave a pleasant break from the heat and a chance to have a snack. Our next regroup was an hour and a half in, where we stopped at the bottom of a stream to refill our water bottles and splash the cold water onto our faces”

“After 3 and a half hours of climbing, we had all reached the peak of Ben Nevis! We had a quick lunch, took lots of photos and got ready to begin our descent. On the way down, we stopped in a few places to regroup, eat snacks and rest our legs to keep us going, by 4pm everyone was at the bottom of the mountain, ready to start the 4-hour journey to Carlisle”

“It was Saturday morning, we’d had 6 hours sleep, and were ready to drive to Wadale Head in the Lake District and begin the climb to Scafell Pike. We arrived later than planned as a few members of the team needed to stop off at Millets to buy last minute mountain climbing equipment. We had no guides for Scafell Pike, so we had to plan the route ourselves. There was some deliberation as to whether we would take the track up to Scarfell Pike as the fog was getting thick at the top but we all agreed to go for it and give it our best shot setting off at 11am. For most of us, Scafell Pike felt never ending! Just as you reach what appears to be the final incline and set of steps, your greeted by another steep shingled and rocky path. Ollie had unfortunately picked up a knee injury during the climb but battled on and everyone had reached the summit by 3pm. Some of the speedier members (Will Dalton) made it to the top in just 1.5 hours!”

“The descent of Scafell Pike caused many painful toes and knees as it became increasing hard to navigate down the steps and miss the rocks. We all safely trickled back into the base and in the vans by 5:30pm, ready to find a local pub for dinner and head off to Wales for Snowdon on Sunday”

“We arrived in Wales at our rooms for the night about 1am due to roadworks, everyone was exhausted but the spirit of the group was still high”

“Our final ascent to reach the peak of Snowdon started at 9:30am. We decided to take the Pyg track; it began as a gentle walk but soon enough we were climbing over large rocks and boulders. Everyone was experiencing sore muscles and tiredness from the previous two days. By 1pm everyone had made it to the peak of Mount Snowdon, morale was high as we could now all say we had climb the UK’s three highest peaks! We all enjoyed a rest and refuel in the café Hafod Eryri, which is the highest re-fuelling station in England and Wales, from here you can purchase gifts and souvenirs unique to Snowdon in the Summit gift shop”

“We left the peak at 2pm, some of us took the Llanberris trail to the minibus while the others took the Miners track down which followed the Pgy first and veered off to follow the lake round to meet the bottom of the Pgy. We were all down by 4pm and said our goodbyes to our now friends and began the long bus journey back to Uckfield”

The total raised so far from all 21 participants is £12,465.83!

The team at Neva are very grateful they got to take part in this challenge for such a deserving charity.

The team would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has already sponsored us, if anyone would still like to donate please follow the link below;