Mouth and Foot Painting Artists to celebrate International MFPA Day across the world

UK Board Member, Tom Yendell

On 5th September, 800 Mouth and Foot Painting Artists from over 80 countries worldwide will come together to celebrate International Mouth and Foot Painting Artists Day, in memory of the life of the founding father Erich Steigmann.

The global collective of artists, who paint using either their mouth or feet,will take to their social media channels on the 5th September to share their creative passions with millions worldwide.

Whether they are live streaming original works of art being created, telling their stories of how they became part of the wonderful association of skilled artists, or simply sharing imagery of their favourite works of art to date, the day is set to be special for everyone involved.

The initiative was created by UK Board Member, Tom Yendell who commented; “Social media has a fantastic way of connecting people from around the world through shared interests, which is synonymous with the work we do as members of the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists. It will be a privilege to share our current projects and favourite artworks with the world on such a momentous day in the MFPA calendar.”

The MFPA was founded in Germany in 1957 by Erich Steigmann, who lost the use of both of his arms from Polio at the age of two. As President of the Association, this year’s MFPA Day commemorates the 34thyear since his death.

A unique artistic co-operative, MFPA artists paint with a brush held in their mouth or foot as a result of accident, birth defect or illness that prohibits them from being able to use their hands.

Each year their original artworks are reproduced as Christmas cards and a wide range of other seasonal items. Sales of these products provide them with an income and the means to financial independence. It also enables them to attract new disabled artists and to help develop the artistic talent within the organisation.

Uckfield artist Barry ‘Bazza’ West is also a member of The Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (MFPA)