Town Mayor presents Uckfield Lions with letter from the Queen

Louise Eastwood

Uckfield Town Mayor, Louise Eastwood

Cllr. Louise Eastwood, Mayor of Uckfield recently received a letter from Her Majesty the Queen.

She said:

‘During the week I actually received a very special letter myself. And that came from Her Majesty the Queen’

‘It was to thank me for all the hard work that I have done for Uckfield and all the charity events that are taking place which I was greatly honoured by’

‘And so I decided to write back while the correspondence was going to thank Her Majesty for her kind works on my behalf. But I also asked her if she would send a message to the Uckfield Lions for all the hard work they do in the town and I can say thank you as many times on behalf of the town council bit I thought it would be a little bit special if the Queen did’

‘So, yesterday at the 49th centenary I presented them with the letter of thanks from Her Majesty the Queen so I was quite honoured to deliver that’