Masonic Centre Uckfield Open Morning

Crowborough Beacon Lodge 8573 opened up the Masonic Centre in Uckfield on Saturday 17th November so people with an interest could ask those questions to which they wanted answers about freemasonry in general.

Numerous lodge members attended and sumptuous cakes and Tea and Coffee were available. Tours and explanations of the various rooms and symbols within the masonic centre were given to throw some light on the myths and find out what what goes on in the meetings and several display boards gave a wider view of the charitable donations made not only in Sussex but nationally as well.

Sussex freemasons in 2017 donated a sum of £3.6M to United Grand Lodge of England for the benefit of those national charities. Now attention turns to the funding the Sussex for Sussex initiative which will see a significant number of donations made to worthwhile local charities.

All in all a fun morning was had which will be repeated in 2019.

Alan Burdon & Trevor Newman

Alan Burdon Trevor Newman in Picture

ALL IMAGES by Ron Hill (HillPhotographic)