Holy Cross School searching for successful locals

After the triumph of last year’s Secrets of Successful People week, Holy Cross CE Primary School is once again searching for successful locals.

This year they are looking for successful ex-pupils of any Uckfield school to visit them and talk to students about what they do and how they got there.

Because success comes in many forms and means different things to each of us, Headteacher Mrs Cathy Dart, would like pupils to hear stories from locals who perhaps took a circuitous route to success to show students that success is achievable.

The Headteacher is particularly seeking people who have gone on a journey to follow their dreams, a journey that may have taken them on an indirect or unusual route to achieve their ambitions.

Perhaps you didn’t go to University instead did an apprenticeship and now own the business. Or you started as the office junior and worked your way up to manage a whole department. Maybe you went to University studied graphic design, hated it; did a gap year in India when you finished and now you’re a youth worker or a football coach; a PE teacher or a singer in a band.

It might be that you always wanted to be a writer, a TV news reporter or an artist but didn’t know how to get into the industry. Now with the explosion of blogs, vlogs and online shops you’ve fulfilled your dream and you’re a blogger, vlogger or digital artist selling your work online.

Maybe you’re the youngest town councillor in the country.

Whatever you do that makes you successful we want you to tell the children of Holy Cross: to inspire and enlighten them. To show them you don’t always have to go down the expected route to fulfil your dreams.

The school’s second Secrets of Successful People Week will run across the week starting 15th October and feature aspirational locals sharing their stories with Holy Cross students.

“Last year’s inaugural Secrets of Successful People showed our students their ambition and dreams are achievable. The children loved it and learned so much from our visitors we had to do it again.” said Mrs Dart.

“This year we’re not limiting ourselves to ex-pupils. For 2018 we want people who went to any Uckfield school to come in and tell our children that they too can shoot for the stars.

“In particular we’d like to hear from locals who haven’t gone down the expected university, career, and success route: people who’ve gone on a journey that’s led them to their success.”

If you are an ex-pupil of any Uckfield school and you’ve fulfilled your ambitions we want to hear from you.

Please call Julie Rae or Claire Gooch on 01826 762336 for more information and arrange to come in and help encourage our pupils to chase their dreams.