Help to make Galactic Keegan become a book for Uckfield man

Scott Innes lives in Uckfield with his wife Laura and cat at Ridgewood but his roots go back to Doncaster in South Yorkshire where he was born.

This happens to be the same place footballing ace Kevin Keegan was born.

One day at work five years ago on a quiet day at work his imagination dreamed and wondered where his hero Kevin Keegan is now and using a Twitter account invented a waxing lyrical about Keegan managing a football team in Space.

The Twitter account @GalacticKeegan proved so popular that to date is has over 67,000 followers, including Gary Linekar.

This prompted Scott to write a book version and is working with publishers Unbound using the crowdfunding system.

The book can be found –  search for “Galactic Keegan” they’ll be able to find it there.

Scott spoke to Mike Skinner and you can hear what he said here:

The full interview will be played out this week on Uckfield FM at 4:35 December 5.