Good Neighbour Scheme launched on Kindness Day

People living on the Manor Park and Hempstead Fields developments can now turn to their residents’ association if they need a helping hand.
Everyone living on Manor Park and Hempstead Fields is eligible for this service which offers help with odd jobs  around the house and form filling. The volunteers are also happy to just pop in for a cuppa and a chat with those feeling a bit lonely.
Paul Sparks, Chairman of the Manor Park and Hempstead Fields Residents’ Association  said:
‘The Association is pleased to introduce this new service for its residents and very proud of the
number of volunteers that immediately came forward to support the scheme.
“At first, we will be limiting the help our volunteers can offer but once we have gained some
experience we hope to be able to extend the range of assistance we provide.
“We know that Good Neighbour Schemes in other communities have benefited people of all ages including those feeling isolated and alone and others that are a little frail and need a simple thing
done like changing a light bulb or help with filling in a form.
“There will be no charge made for what our volunteers do and we are looking forward to lending
a helping hand to our residents be they young or old.
“What better day than Kindness Day to launch and celebrate this new initiative.
“We would like to thank Action in Rural Sussex and the Uckfield Volunteer Centre for their
invaluable support in setting up this service”
Those wishing to use the service should call 01825 578017

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