From the post room – a Good Samaritan praised

The Meads Medical Centre

The Meads Medical Centre

Five taxis in Uckfield could not help a frail patient of the Meads Health Centre who wanted to get from the surgery the half a mile to the bus station to catch his bus back home.

Theo Hohlbaum from Forest Row witnessed the events and sent us the details.

A gentleman behind them overheard the receptionist who was frustrated by all 5 taxi companies on her list not being able to accept the fare, and very kindly offered to take the frail gentleman as he was going to Tesco nearby anyway

The frail 88yr old suffering from left ventricular aneurysm as a result of two heart attacks, Age Related Macular Degeneration, having attended his appointment at Meads Health Centre is now happy to have a chance buying bunches of Asparagus at Tesco and being able to board bus 261 to take him home to Forest Row where at the bus stop he has his mobility scooter waiting.

The charming and helpful receptionist eased from the shock of helpless frustration by seeing the gentleman offering a lift to the patient.

The unknown very kind Gentleman who has done his daily good deed.

All’s well that ends well.