Dogs left in cars during heatwave can die

There has been a number of incidents in Uckfield of dogs being left in unattended cars in our town’s car park during the heatwave.

At the moment we are in the middle of what will be one of the most memorable heatwaves since 1976.

Again this morning, Hannah took to Facebook, when she discovered a dog within a locked car in Luxford Car Park.

She wrote:

I have just had an experience within Luxford car park that I am truly hurt and gobsmacked by. I will not name and shame, this is just to give warning to people.
Walked back to my car to notice a dog sat in a car in direct sun light with just a slither of window open in all 4 doors, this dog was panting, it had no water or food. We waited for 5/10 mins hope the owner would show but they didn’t, others had gathered by this time. I called the no emergency police number and followed all the information and gave all the details I could. We managed to wined down the back two windows but unfortunately they stopped half way, we could not get into the car. We managed to feed the dog water, the dog did start barking and became more distressed. The police gave a reference number and ask to ring back on the 1 hour mark and they would look into taking further action (they could not do anything before as it would suggest being parked in a car park the owner had just popped to the shops 😡). We tried contacting the owner a number of times with no luck. 50 minutes went by and the owner appeared. Very quickly she got in her car, the only thing she could say was sorry I had to pop into work and drove off within an instant.
More defiantly been to be done to stop this from occurring as it seems the emergency service are unable to do much.
DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DOGS IN THE CAR PEOPLE, it is just unexplainable behaviour.

The story was posted on Facebook group Uckfield Talk and within 1 hour of it being posted there were nearly 70 comments.

The RSPCA  website gives good advice to dog owners. Other advice can be found on the RSPCA link.

‘The temperature inside a car can soar to 47°C (117°F) within minutes, even when the outside temperature is just 22°C (72°F). Opening a window or leaving a bowl of water for your dog will make little difference and still leaves dogs in serious danger of suffering from heatstroke, which can be fatal’