Damage to Selby Meadow reported to Police

Selby Meadow, the community garden run by volunteers has been damaged by vandals.

Volunteer Velda posted on social media:

‘Regular visitors to our Meadow have probably noticed that a few things are not here at the moment , unfortunately we are experiencing a spate of idiotic vandalism’

‘Our wooden horse is at the council ground workers hospital getting a new set of legs, our notice box has no lid to keep the rain out ,things have been thrown around and spoilt’

‘The police are aware of the trouble and will hopefully help us to stop it . Makes you feel so disappointed when so many people enjoy and respect it’

‘Lets hope it soon becomes boring to destroy this quiet corner of Selby Road .On a positive note our preparations for our September event are well underway and we have over300 knitted poppies already’

The group are planning more open days and the next one will take place on Sunday 23rd September between 2 and 5pm.  This will be a Remembrance Day Tea Party to commemorate the end of the first world war.

The volunteers are knitting poppies to be sold at the event and so far over 300 have been created.  The cost will be just £1.