Christmas dinner at the Belmont Centre thanks to charitable donations

On Christmas day it is easy to be wrapped up in your busy lives.

There are many in the community who have less people to spend Christmas with so at the Belmont Centre on Christmas Day Theresa and John lane hosted and organized a community free lunch.

The event happens each year for anyone who wants to come and it’s completely free.

The food was prepared by Ben Cox a local chef at the Peacock Inn.

Ben told Uckfield FM:

‘The event went smoothly with over 60 people there. The community spirit is highlighted by the fact that Tesco, Waitrose and JB Butcher’s provide the food with the Lions, the Rotary Club and many others providing for the event too. Over Christmas it is important to remember everyone in the community and over the new year too. We all wish Uckfield and our wonderful community a Merry Christmas and happy holidays’