Steve Crow – Radio, and now a TV personality!

“Channel 4” and “All 4” television have commissioned Blast! Films to look at the challenges of dating in Britain today, and to follow the day to day lives of 20 people as they search for love, and deal with the struggles that come with it.

The series begins with a single programme to be broadcast on “Channel 4” at 10pm on Tuesday, 19th June, followed by a series available on the “All 4” demand service.

Each individual taking part in the programme film themselves as they explore their love lives and relationships over a period of time, and how they go about this including online dating, and use of apps. Each journey is then followed by the programme.

Our very own intrepid radio presenter, Steve Crow, was one of the individuals invited to take part, and he met up with Gary King on the “Gary King Breakfast Show” to tell more!

Be sure to tune in to Channel 4 tonight (19th June) at 10pm to join in with the start of Steve’s journey. Rumour has it that you may even see clips from the Uckfield FM radio studios!