World of Country – 19/03/17

Everything played by Paul Hazell on this edition of World of Country.

Music played

Thornton, Barry (Aus) Winter Winds
Rett Russell (UK) She Got The Cowboy
LeeLee Robert (US) Full Moon Full Of Love
McDade (UK) Jenny Too Hot
Fiddler Tim (US) Basically B
Philip Clarkson & Sarah Patrick (US) When The Flame Went Out
Freddie Hart (US) Wondering
Willis Bros (US) Give Me Forty Acres
Kerry Fearon (Ireland) Storms Never Last
Flint Westrock (US) My Mother Was An Angel (Dad Was An A SOB)
David Frizzell & Gene Watson (US) Long Black Veil
Willie Carver (US) You Comb Her Hair
Janie Fricke (US) Homeward Bound
Hoyt Scroggins & Curley Bigham & Band (US) Waiting For An Answer
Skeets Yaney & The Ozark Champions (US) Under The Light Of Western Stars
Geoff Ashford (UK) Don’t Play Your Cheating Heart
Clelia Adams (Aus) generic intro
Clelia Adams (Aus) Find My Love
D L Menard with Badeaux & The Louisiana Aces (US) The Back Door
Bill Anderson (US) The Tip Of My Fingers
Arne Benoni & Ottar “Big Hand” Johansen (Nor) The Life And Times Of A Singing Cowboy
Moore & Moore (with Helen Cornelius) (US) Wine & Whine
Otis C Truax (US) Little Hearts
Seatrain (US) Scratch
Joey & Rory Feek (US) Softly & Tenderly
Dennis Jay (US) Texas Skies Shining In A Cowgirl’s Eyes
Bill Monroe (US) When The Cactus Is In Bloom
Ray William Roldan (US) Bad Memories
Aly Cook (NZ) Western Line
Ace Cannon (US) The Lonesome Road
Jordan Mogey (Ire) Luke The Drifter
Hank Williams (as Luke The Drifter) (US) Be Careful Of Stones That You throw
J D Walters (US) Faded Love
Don Allen (Aus) How Can I Believe In You
Perry Como (US) Here Comes My Baby Back Again
Lily Connors (Aus) Under The Old Wattle Tree
Caroline Ramblers (NZ) Little Pal
Jim Reeves (US) I Won’t Come In While He’s There
Kylie Adams-Collier (Aus) I Can’t Help It If I’m Still In Love With You
Wylie Gustafson & The Wild West (US) Yodeling My Blues Away
Jonalee White (US) Sunday Paper
Secret Sisters (US) Let There Be Lonely
The Roys (Elaine & Lee) (US) Black Gold
J P Cormier (Can) Hometown Battlefield