World of Country – 05/02/17

This edition of World of Country with Paul Hazell included a feature: Cowboys on the Trail.

Music played:

Thornton, Barry (Aus) Winter Winds
David Allan Coe (US) Doin’ My Time
Reba McEntire (US) A Cowboy Like You
East Virginia (US) Never get To Hold You In My Arms Anymore
Bobby Lord (US) I’m Going Home Next Summer (Live version)
The Superpickers (US) Let It Be
Pee Wee King & Redd Stewart (US) 24 Months
Kilima Hawaiians (Hol) Cowboy’s Sehnsucht
Gary Ellis (Aus) The Convict And The Rose
Pioneer Pepper (US) Don’t Fence Me In
Gillette Bros (US) Trade Off
Roy Rogers (US) Whoopie Ti Yi Yo
Sourdough Slim (US) The Big Corral
Floyd Beard (US) Branding Time
Slim Dusty & Anne Kirkpatrick (Aus) Drovin’
Tim McNamara (Aus) The Tired Stockman
Ed Wahl (Can) Cariboo Trail
Glenn Moreland (US) Stampede
Garner Wayne (NZ) Happy Valley Trail
Slim Clark (US) Texas In The Spring
Reg Poole (Aus) The Drover’s Song
Elaine (Can) When It’s Roundup Time In Sunny Old Alberta
Ian Tyson (Can) Colorado Trail
Lloyd Dolen (US) I’m Sleepin’ In My Leggin’s Tonight
Brian Golbey (UK) Herding Cattle
Gene Autry (US) End Of My Roundup Days
Joe Mullins & Rhonda Vincent (US) We Missed You In Church Last Sunday
Mullins Sisters (US) Teardrops Dry
Sadao Ohya & Friends (Jap) bluegrass & jazz meets western swing and country! Beaumont Rag
Thomas “Thopper” Pedersen (Den) Some Broken Hearts Never Mend
Santa Vorster (SA) As Die Blou Maan Weer Verskyn
Johnny Greenwood (Aus) I Still Sing Jambalaya
Chrissie Rossouw (SA) Lost City Girl
Bobby Darren (US) Charlie’s Angel
Zeta Burns (Aus) A Quiet Life In The Country
Brazos Valley Boys (US) Won’t You Ride In My Little Red Wagon / Any Time
Jan Schiferl (US) I Still Miss Someone
John Williamson (with Warren H Williams & Amos Morris) (Aus) Australia Is Another Word For Free
Hermann Lammers Meyer (Germ) Those old Country Songs
Norman & Nancy Blake (US) How The Weary World Wears Away
Hank Koopman (Aus) Feeling The Weight Of My Chains
Muldoon Bros (UK) Yonder Comes A Sucker