World of Country – 02/04/17

Another edition of World of Country with Paul Hazell.

Music played:

Thornton, Barry (Aus) Winter Winds
Dean Dillon (US) Back In The Swing Of Things
Runaway Dixie (Jim Hermel, Virginia & Lynette Coad) (Aus) The Old Wood Mill
Ken “Chainsaw” Lindsay (Aus) 90 And Still In The Saddle
David McLachlan (Can) Generic intro
David McLachlan (Can) Bless This House
Jerry Wallace (US) 1962 hit covered by Charley Pride & Slim Whitman Shutters & Boards
Legarde Twins (Tom & Ted) (Aus) A Sinner’s Prayer
Roger Whittaker (Kenya) My Sweetheart’s In Love With A Swiss Mountaineer
Peter Coad & The Coad Sisters (Aus) St Peter
Ernest Tubb (US) Rose Of The Mountain
Ronnie Ronalde (UK) Rose Of The Mountain
Bobby Darin (US) Please Help Me I’m Falling
David Houston (US) I Remember You
Ron Peters (Aus) I Cried Again
Sons Of The Pioneers (US) Love Song Of The Waterfall
Abe Zacharias (Can) Good Old Country Music
Joe E Hamilton (Ire) Open Up Your Heart
Syney Devine (Scot) Nobody’s Darling But Mine
Virginia Lee (SA) I Love You Because
Rex Allen Snr (US) Lonely Little Robin
Ronnie Ronalde (UK) Lonely Little Robin
Barry Ward (US) Back Home Again
Frank Ifield (Aus) Silver Wings
New Lost City Ramblers (feat: Tracy Schwarz & Mike Seeger) (US) Weapon Of Prayer
Jerry Lee Lewis (US) Lily Of The Valley
Mr Tom & The Nashvillians (Thomas Ahlberg) (Swed) Line Dance Man
Allan Markin (Can) Too Late Now
Western Flyers (US) I’ll See You In My Dreams
Mo Pitney (US) Everywhere
Gene Autry (US) South Of The Border
Ronnie Ronalde (UK) South Of The Border
Buddy Williams (Aus) Blue Since You’ve Been Gone
Troy Kemp (Aus) Small Town Girl
Ian B MacLeod (Aus) Echo Mountain Call
Gordon Jensen (Can) The Sweetest Song
Hermann Lammers Mayer & Michele Voan (Germ) Don’t Forget To Remember Me
Bernadette (Ire) Nickels & Dimes
Glenn Erickson (US) It Couldn’t Happen Without Tears
Charlie Cline & The Lonesome Pine Fiddlers (US) Goin’ Down This Road feeling Bad
Rick Vaznis (US) Tommy
Dave Travis (UK) Goin’ Back To Memphis
Shelly Jones Band (Aus) Crosses By The Roadside
Chuck Wagon Boys (Jap) Kaw Liga