World of Country – 23/07/17

Everything played by Paul Hazell on this latest edition of World of Country.

Music played:

Thornton, Barry (Aus) Winter Winds
Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice A Far Cry From Lester & Earl
Luanne Hunt (US) Bluer Than The Bluegrass
Moore & Moore (with Billy Yates) (US) Sand In My Shoes
Morris Bros (US) He Took Your Place
Bob McKinlay (UK) English Born, Dixie Fried
Shelly Jones Band (Aus) The Closer You Get
Lefty Frizzell (US) Forbidden Lovers
Peter Trenholm & Ray Legere (Can) Far Side Banks Of Jordan
The Diablos (UK) I Don’t Like Country
Kerry Fearon & Jordan Mogey (Ire) Red River Valley
John A Lomax Jnr (US) The Alamo Song (Remember The Alamo)
Tex Ritter (US) Remember The Alamo
Eddie Zack & His Dude Ranchers (US) Call Of The Mountain
Ron Peters (Aus) Moon Over Yonder
Dewey Groom Band featuring Howdy Forrester (US) Cotton Eyed Joe
Johnny Greenwood (Aus) Blue Velvet Band
Doctor D & The Whitecoats (Aus) Solitary Emu Blues
Shavonne Aliphon (NZ) It Couldn’t Happen Without Tears
Noel McKeary Band (Ire) When I’m With You
Bill McElroy (UK) Slimline Daddy
Teea Goans (US) Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Geoff Mack (Aus) I’ve Been Everywhere
Deadset & Company (Feat Genni Kane & Mike Kerin) (Aus) Brokedown Palace
Willy Okiyama (Jap) I’m Casting My Lasso Towards The Sky
Johnny Burnette (US) Rockabilly Boogie
Kelvin Cummings (NZ) Get It Done
Karin Euren (Dan) Take A Chance On Tomorrow
Fiddlin’ Frenchie Burke ( Rapid Robbie Springfield on steel) (US) Big Mamou
Adam Price (Aus) Rodeo Clown
Paul Kelly &Cathy Faber (US) OKC (Oklahoma City)
Rhonda Vincent (US) Lone Star State Of Mind
Alastair Coyles (Ire) I’m Over Getting Over You
Vanessa Delaine (Aus) Long Gone
Richard Gilks Band (US) Amarillo Swing
Ray Dexter (UK) Mountain Girl
Eddy Raven & Jo-El Sonnier (US) Diggy Liggy Lo
Suzanne Prentice (NZ) Love Is Like A Butterfly
Tom Curtain (Aus) Never Never Land
Ernie McCulloch (Can) Honky Tonk Season
Rosemary & The Sweet Sound Revival (US) Barefoot ‘n Bling
Ranch House Favorites (Hol) Green Light
Wayne Horsburgh (Aus) There Goes My Everything
Ali S (Aus) I Need A Beer