World of Country – 19/02/17

This edition of Paul Hazell’s World of Country included a tribute to regular listener Marje Morgan, who passed away recently.

Thornton, Barry (Aus) Winter Winds
Troy Cassar-Daley (Aus) Long Way Home
Flying Burrito Bros (US) Farther Along
Vernon Derrick (US) Grass Country
Jack Pledge (Aus) Lightnin’
Brian Coll (Ire) Cattle Call
Ringo Starr (UK) Wine, Women And Loud Happy Songs
Alastair Coyles (Ire) The Mind Of A Child
Dusty Spittle (NZ) Arawata Bill
Max McCauley (NZ) Train Yodel
Ernie McCulloch (Can) My Little Yodel Lady
Georgette Jones (US) Don’t Come Back Until You Love Me
Sean Wilson (Ire) Little whitewashed Chimney
Sons Of The San Joaquin (US) How Great Thou Art
Rodgers Bros (Germ) Es Hangt Ein Pferdhalfter an Der Wand
Michelle Little (Aus) In Care Of The Blues
Porter Wagoner (US) The Bottom Of The Bottle
John Grenell (NZ) Blue Ridge Mountains Turning Green
Lilly Bros & Don Stover (US) In A Little Village Churchyard
Jannet Bodewes (Hol) I Didn’t Move To Arizona For The Weather
Roy Clark (US) I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
Shirley Thoms (Aus) There’s An Old Easy Chair By The Fireplace
Erin Hay (US) I Got The Blues Again
Elton Britt (US) Beyond The Sunset
Ronnie Ronalde (UK) Forget Me Not
Connie Francis (US) Peace In The Valley
Slim Whitman (US) Margie
Janet McBride (US) Save A Little Spot In Heaven
Slim Whitman (US) He’ll Understand And Say Well Done
Jimmie Driftwood (US) Ole Joe Clark
Trevor Day (Aus) I Think Of You
The Ventures (US) Detour
Allan Caswell (Aus) Some Days I Wake Up Angry
Patsy Cline (US) Lovesick Blues
Peter Alexander, Bill Ramsey & Margrit Imlau (Germ) Missouri Cowboy
Jim Clarke (UK) Lord I Need Somebody Bad Tonight
Ray Price (US) Jealous Lies
Shirley Field (Can) Along The Trail Of Tears
Jim Eanes (US) Just Suppose
Slim Dusty (Aus) Whiplash
Brian Jendra (Aus) “The Monto Yodeller” Springtime In Victoria
Heidi Hauge (Nor) Hello Little Bluebird
Merle Haggard (US) Silver Wings
Charles Jacobie (SA) Cowboy Rock’n’Roll
Willie Nelson (with Emmylou Harris: harmonies) (US) I’ve Just Destroyed The World I’m Living In
Kristy Cox (Aus) Another Weary Mile