World of Country – 12/11/17

Another selection of Country sounds from around the world with Paul Hazell.

Music played:

Thornton, Barry (Aus) Winter Winds
Graham Howie (Aus) Marmalade Jane
Glen Campbell (US) Everybody’s Talkin’
Steve Free (US) Grandma’s Homemade Cherry Pie
Iris DeMent (US) I’ve Got That Old Time Religion In My Heart
Shell Dalton (Can) Smiley Bates & Stompin’ Tom Fishing Trip
Mary Kaye (US) Get Along Little Dogies
Gene Autry (US) You’re The Only Star In My Blue Heaven
Riders In The Sky (US) There’s A Blue Sky Way Out Yonder
Joanna Field (SA) One Day At A Time
Paul & Colleen Trenwith (NZ) Orange Blossom Special
Bernadette (Ire) Tramp On The Street
Buck T Edwards (US) God Bless The Country Life
The Palomars (Can) Swing Valley Drifter
Brenda Lynn Allen (US) I’m Not Out Of My Mind
Billy Forrest & Bobby Angel (SA) The Long Black Train
Slim Whitman (US) Two Loves Have I
Ginny Peters (NZ) & Manon Camirand (Can) He Loved You Out Of My Mind
Lloyd Back (Aus) Travelling With You
Sadao Ohya & Friends (Jap) Foggy Mountain Special
Frank Ifield (UK/Aus) She Cheats On Me
3 Trails West (US) Along The Rio Grande
Gary Prescott (US) Bid Walter Adieu
Ho Lan (Tai) Echo From Deep Valley
Tyson Lucas (Aus) Lessons Learned
Summer Brooke & The Mountain Faith (US) Small Town Life
Shavonne Aliphon (NZ) Great Speckled Bird