Do you remember Ronnie Ronalde

Do you remember RONNIE RONALDE – one of the greatest names of the variety years?

During Easter weekend, Paul Hazell presented a two-part tribute to this star of theatre, TV, Radio and records.

Ronnie Ronalde grew up in Islington, London and became a boyhood star as a member of Steffani’s Silver Songsters – that was back in the 1930s. After the Songsters disbanded Ronnie went on to become a huge star of the variety circuits as a solo act, gaining fame worldwide as “The Voice Of Variety” – singer, yodeller and probably the greatest whistler the World has ever known.

Ronnie had hit records, TV and radio series, worldwide tours and his whistled recording of “In A Monastery Garden” became one of the most requested songs on radio through the 1950s. Other popular recordings included “If I Were A Blackbird”, “Let Me Sing In Echo Valley” and “Sanctuary Of The Heart”. A proud member of the Grand Order Of Water Rats and renowned for generating standing ovations wherever he appeared, he continued to perform until just after his 90th birthday!

Ronnie passed away in January 2015 and now Uckfield FM’s Paul Hazell has put together a special show, “Remembering Ronnie Ronalde” in which he presents the story of Ronnie’s incredible career, illustrating it with segments of interviews with Ronnie, contributions from artistes and friends who knew him and of course a whole lot of his wonderful music.

If you missed the programme, or would like to listen again, here’s your chance!