Child of the 90s

Child of the 90s

Are you a child of the 90’s?
Simply, did you spend a portion of your conscious youth during the 90’s? Then yes you are. If you loved Brit Pop, owned a shell suit, you dialled-up via some free trial AOL CD-ROM, went to a rave in a field, loved happy hard core, Saturday morning was Going Live or Live & Kicking (or SM:tv Live) while the evening was Noel’s House Party and Mr Blobby.. RIP.

Other words that might stir a sense of 90s emotion (SASOE90) including… Saved by the bell, Ring Pops, Macarena, Walkman, Beanie Baby, Boombox, Cassette Tape. Goosebumps, Fresh Prince, Tamagotchi, VHS v Beta Max, TFI Friday, Art Attack, The Crystal Maze, you were not on facebook or any other “Social” media… You will most likely prefer MTV Classic.

How would you describe the show?
We like wallowing in 90s nostalgia and the good, bad and the ugly of the decade. We hate being restricted (I.e. we don’t like research) hence we play songs/media from the mid eighties through to the mid noughties! The show includes a mystery year quiz, Cam’s real teenage diaries, guess the price from the Argos catalogue plus loads of great music… your requests are very welcome.

Who are you?
I am Cam “Cameron” Osman. I was 11 at the start of the 90s, hence this was the decade I really grew up in. I have been a “DJ” on Uckfield FM since 2012 starting off helping out Gary on the breakfast show to having my own shows at weekends/ drive time etc. My other big love is jazz and blues! My day job is managing an outdoor activity centre. I tend to prefer the more indie side of the 90s.. on my 90s mini discs would be..
PJ Harvey, Placebo, Green Day, Wheezer, Nirvana, Portishead, Beck, Presidents of the United States, Elastica, Sleeper, Echobelly, Smashing Pumpkins, Pulp, Supergrasses, Blur, I also love a bit of 90s R&B!

I am Boris “Andrew” Wall. I was 12 at the start of the 90’s and went to university in Manchester in 1995. A series of knockbacks in my life including settling down with my current partner have given me a rather pessimistic view on life, which I take every opportunity to spread – this is why I like broadcasting on radio, misery loves company. On a positive side, I love 90s music particularly Britpop, but all forms float my boat, including a nice bit of cheese. Whilst I have this platform, I might as well take the opportunity to try to sell my exercise bike as Ebays fees now are really rather extortionate. So, exercise bike for sale £50, memory function, 10 levels, adjustable seat, extra feature included, “Angry London drivers mode”. PM me for more details.

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