Wildlife being disturbed by visitors to Lake Wood in Uckfield

Lake Wood on Rock Road Uckfield is owned and managed by the Woodland Trust.

Jude Stewart is one of the Woodland Trust Wardens who look after the the beautiful area of Lake Wood.

She took to Facebook to raise awareness that there are increased problems with visitors, swimming, fishing and using boats on the lake.

She added:

‘Lake Wood is nature reserve, it is actually private property, owned by the Woodland Trust with permissive entry’

‘Swimming, BBQ’s, fires, boating and fishing are NOT allowed’

‘We are not trying to be kill joys, but we are seeing huge impacts on the wildlife there. This is an ancient woodland and there was a time when we had spotted flycatchers, Kingfishers and turtle doves around the lake and in the woods, but sadly this year, even the grey wagtails have left. This is ALL due to the public disturbances’

You an listen to Jude tomorrow morning when she is interviewed on Uckfield FM