Future Sounds – 25/04/19

Future Sounds with Martyn Grenfell can be heard on Thursday evenings from 7pm - 9pm

Another week, another genre-hopping, globe-trotting new musical journey with Martyn.

Music played:

San De Villa – Kine
Beyond The Sun – Push The Pace
Heritage – Fashion Slayer
Sparkling – Blossom Blood
Backfoot – State of Mind
Jon Tessier – Let’s Speak Soon
Louieze – What Ya Doing
Good Will Remedy – Juanita
Mike Hyder – Continental Woman
Lewsberg – Chances
The Membranes – Strange Perfume
Seprona – The World’s End
The Exits – Stranded
Louis Libran – Take Me Back
Funkt3ch – I Can’t Take It
US3R – Renegade
Tohi – Out The Box
Cellista – Look Homeward, Angel
Stefan Rossi – Long Road
Ela Nedra – Live It Up Slow
Silent Forum – Safety In Numbers
Redford – To The Morning
Sophie Griffiths – Numb
Emma Stevens – Because Of You
Pete Gardiner – Dangerous People