Future Sounds – 13/06/19

Future Sounds with Martyn Grenfell can be heard on Thursday evenings from 7pm - 9pm

This week’s genre-hopping, globe-trotting selection with Martyn.

Music played:

Ego States – That’s Just Life
BRIA – The Strangest of Lovers
Mike Hyder – On The Buses
Never The Bride – Tiger Bay
AV Super Sunshine – Are You Happy?
The Ghosts – We Lie To Ourselves
Sonja Sleator – Runaway
Armada of Secrets – No Strings (Attached)
Lights out West – Cactus
Mannequin Death Squad – San Fran
Ben McKelvey – Wild Child
Ooberfuse – Bitter End
Toby Lawrence – Love ‘Til The Dawn
Hooked Like Helen – No Turning Back
LaGzz – Zero
Tony As – Tomorrow
Jack Rose – Over You
The Winachi Tribe – Parasites Paradise
Dan Marsh – Just Friends
Angus Crowne – Unobservant Idiot
Maltus – Absolute Strangers
Layla Kardan – The Suitable Woman
Firewoodisland – One With The Mountain
Danny Burton – Who You Gonna Love
Annprincess – Survive