Future Sounds – 17/05/18


Another worldwide, genre hopping new musical journey with Martyn Grenfell.

Including the first artist from Indonesia to be featured on Future Sounds.

Music played:

Middlemist Red – Perfectly Blue
Anna Aaron – Why Not
Partisan – Oxygen
Scribble Victory – All The Best Comebacks
Klammer – Modern God
Raising Jupiter – Idaho
PBSM – Struck By Lightning
Victors – Slow Down
Sarah Caltieri – Stranger To Me Now
Soft Science – Breaking
Pioneers – To Be Cool
Cove – All I Believe
Alex Dingley – Not Alone In The Dark
S.O.S – Like A Flower
Young Pablo – 20
Jake Aldridge – The Underdog
Alba Plano – Out There (Blue Lab Beats Remix)
RINGGO 5 – Valeria
Secret Colours – Dream Dream
Virginia East – Lay Down
Nicholas Merz – Bulled Rose
The Kings Parade – The Look
Theodore – Spit Blood Out
The Dreggs – Feel Alive
Franny & Zooey – My Love

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