Future Sounds – 12/04/18

The Elation
The Elation

Another musical journey around the genres.

Curated as usual by Martyn Grenfell.

Music played:

The Elation – XO
The Assist – All That I Need
Mortimer Jackson – You’re Not The Freaks
Koala – Pick Up The Pieces
Screech Bats – Get Better
Layover – Hunger Pains
Skellums – Bars
Cold California – My Enemy
Dose – Furniture
Speak, Brother – Father
Larry Borden – Four Feet of Rain
Fifth Dawn – Defying Symmetry
Dirty Roldan – Cadillac Smoke
Half Decent – Save our Culture
Porter Rich – No Hook
Frozen Nation – Dark Belgian Disco
Granfalloon – Broken Things
Alba Plano – Out There
The British IBM – Bob Noyce
PictureHouse – Riptide
Rachel Caddy – Reach For You
Alan Bonner – Augustine
Excorde – I’m The Storm

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