Future Sounds – 10/05/18

Jackson James Smith
Jackson James Smith

After a week off, Martyn Grenfell was back with the usual new musical journey.

We started with the April radio infographic as well…

Music played:

Maypine – Give
Evelinn Trouble – Hope Music
The Jade Assembly – Nothing Changes
Pacific – Should Have Known
The Elation – Catch
Urban Lions – See Me Rise
Chany – Heaven
Just A Jester – Someone Like You
Dirty Sister – Middle Class Busker
Ellency – Cold Blooded
Donegan – I Wonder
Koto Kill – Riot At 45
DRUGZZ – I Didn’t Mean To
Church Of Trees – Like Gary Numan
Conformist – Trust Exercises (Man Without Country Remix)
Tom Auton – Invisible Necessity
The Scrags – Televise My Eyes
Nelson King – Shine On
Aaron “kidd” Kane – Cool Cool Woman
Searmanas – Undo
Solomon’s Seal – Oh, My God
Molly-Anne – Polperro
Jackson James Smith – Midnight Romance

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