Future Sounds – 08/02/18

Eleven Past One

You made it through the freezing cold to Thursday night, so how about 2 more hours of brand new sounds?

Another genre hopping selection carefully crafted by Martyn Grenfell.

Music played:

Rum Thief – Surmise
Bad Llama – Crooked Empire
Sian Richards – Take Your Time
Reichelt – Seduced By The Light
Unkle Adams – Time Is Precious
PBSM – Dance Floor
John MOuse – Bunkbeds and Broken
Susie Blue – Didn’t Mean To Care
Ali Jacko – I Found Love
The Gypsy Scholars – Cold Hands
Sally Crosby – I’m Not Ready
Matto Rules – Mind Cab
Ari B – Just Get Me
Eleven Past One – Closer
Superstar Ace – Wassa Wassa
Sex of Insects – Not This Song Again
Gid Sedgwick – Ochos
The Broken Islands – No One Left To Kill
Theodore – Towards? (What Is To Come)
Freya Alley – Stardust
Linda Em – Hey Baby
Tom Townsend – Leave It Up To Me
Danielle Morgan – Behind Closed Doors
Khaled Hejira – Arrivee

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