Future Sounds – 07/06/18

Jessica Lynn
Jessica Lynn

That time again for another new musical journey with Martyn Grenfell.

As it’s the first show of June, the May radio infographic featured as well…

Music played:

Blackjack Love – Carryin’ On (Rockin’ & Rollin’)
Karms – We Always Lose
Jessica Lynn – Let’s Don’t
Red Light Effect – Empress
Mortimer Jackson – Chancers & Rats
Hightower – 3 Seashells
Saint Sapphire – Hurricane
Chloe Collins – Lying
A Winter Project – Beautiful Thing
Longy – Drip Fed Internet Blues
Order of the Mess – Foolish or Wise
Christopher Taylor – Step Back, Slow Down
Tim Arisu – Ready to Love
32Stitches – Fallout
KLYMVX – Siento
Rotten Hill Gang – Party’s Ova
El’tee – Mad
Nick Brewer – Headphones
Youth Killed It – What’s So Great, Britain
Blue River Saga – For Now
The Room in the Wood – Magical Thinking
Gus Harrower – Wonder
The Rising – Rebound
Tiny Fighter – Hollow Talk

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