Plans to rebuild Uckfield College – Concerns about car parking.

Town Councillors agreed to support plans for the re-build of Uckfield College but noted reservations about car parking.

The meeting of the plans committee were very concerned about how the car parking of staff, students and construction workers was to be dealt with during construction and after the school was completed.

Paul Sparks, the chair of Manor Park and Hempstead Fields Residents Association addressed the council about the residents concerns. Hear what he said here:

Town Councillors agreed that parking was a major issue during the construction stage,the demolition stage and when the school was fully operational.

The Uckfield College Business manager indicated that not all parking would disappear and that parking near the Freedom Leisure Centre would remain.    Councillor Eastwood asked if the works would have impact on the leisure centre car park for their visitors. She explained that the car park was the school’s car park and not the leisure centre’s.

Taken from the minutes of the meeting:

Members although supportive of the application expressed concerns regarding the chaos that the construction would cause to parking in the area, and the displacement of traffic not only in the near vicinity but around the town.  From the plans it appears that the amount of parking on site will reduce which again caused concern especially as more 6th form pupils were driving to school.

Concern was also expressed regarding the timings of contractor vehicles entering and leaving the site and stipulated that there should be a planning condition regarding vehicle movement times.

It was RESOLVED that although Members welcomed and supported the application they expressed the following: –

  1. i) concerns regarding the impact of additional parking in the area during the construction of the new college and the displacement of vehicles, not only in the immediate area but the town as a whole.
  2. ii) a planning condition to be placed on the movement of construction traffic to ensure that drop off and pick up times are avoided.

                  iii) concerns that the plans appear to split the college campus into a north/south divide.

  1. iv) to support the concerns of the Manor Park and Hempstead Fields Residents’ Association.